Friday, 8 July 2011

Single in the City - Sushmita Bose

Delhi or dilli as we all refer to it has always been intriguing. Right from the day I learnt in school that New Delhi is the capital of India I knew i wanted to visit  the place at least once. A popular movie I saw recently described the people of delhi as 'Everyone who's anyone knows someone influential'.  That coupled with the scary stories my friends, who have at some point of time or the other been there, told me kept me from going. Then there was this girl from Delhi in my office. She had this 'I don't give a dam' attitude that i liked about her n I thought maybe its because of the place she is from. So i had this strong urge to visit Delhi but this time I had no one for company and I was too chicken to go alone.
 Well the bottom line is I have not been able to go as of yet but thats one of the reasons why I picked up this book.
Single in the City as the description says is a collection of the eponymous column that Sushmita Bose wrote for Hindustan Times. Well column or no column I wanted to a woman's view on the place thats allegedly not safe for women. The book is a light hearted take on the issues any person who has moved to a new place has to deal with. Having worked in the IT industry I have seen many of my out of town colleagues go through lot of the stuff described in the book. Oh yes there is definitely that Delhi flavor too and I think its just the right amount.
This book is definitely not for the people who read hardcore intellectual books nor does it have a thrilling plot that keeps u gripped. But one thing i can say that it is for the people who want to do some light read after a stressful and hectic week! So what if it sounds like Sex and the City, it actually shows that for an Indian woman life is not just about Labels and Love. Theres a lot more to it. And the illustrations are interesting too.
As for me I still do want to go to Delhi! So what if I'm not single any more!

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