Monday, 25 July 2011

I love bags, I love shoes n I love the I heart series!

How To Get Over A Break Up? 
All of us have different ways. For some a new bag, a haircut or a new dress would do the trick. Others need to curl up in bed with a tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Bitching about your boyfriend to your friends also works. What if u realize that your friends knew that your boyfriend was cheating on you?
Guess what Angela Clark did? She just upped and left London and moved to New York. But only after catching her fiancee cheating on her at her best friend's wedding, creating a scene and breaking the groom's hand. Oh yeah she left the engagement ring floating a bag full of her pee. Angela got a New York makeover from her NBF Jenny and dating advice New York style. To top it all she gets a job where she gets to write about it all in her new blog .
I Heart New York  tells us that sometimes drastic decisions can do good too. The slightly clumsy and not so skinny Angela Clark can very well be related to. Also Jenny Angela's friend with a fix for almost any thing and wants to become Oprah is very interesting. My favorite character in the book though is the Marc Jacobs bag. For all you ladies out there who love your bags watch out for adjectives used for the bag.
I Heart Hollywood is another installment of Angela Clark.
Angela lands an interview hot actor James Jacobs. So she heads west with Jenny dreaming of Rodeo Drive and Malibu beach. This interview is her one shot at some serious journalism other than her blog.
Some times we just have a lot riding on one particular thing. When it doesn't work out the way we expected we don't know whether to run or to hide. This book really brings out the clumsy side of  Angela's nature. She does everything possible to mess up the interview and piss off her boss and her boyfriend and damage her bag. This book  ends well with everything falling back into place and Angela gets a new Marc Jacobs bag.
I Heart Paris is the latest book on my favorite klutz.
Angela is in Paris with the guy she loves, an assignment to write a piece for  a hip magazine and an expense account to pay for it all. But her boyfriend's crazy ex shows up. Also some one is trying to sabotage her career. Without Jenny to bail her out this time Angela is left in a mess all alone. All of us need our BFF when in trouble. But at times they are busy or away and need to figure things out ourselves. Angela seemed a  little too pathetic and gullible for my taste. But I kept reading due to my love for the first two books and was not disappointed.
Lindsey Kelk's humorous description of Angela and her antics are fun to read. Her description of all the cities especially Paris is picturesque. Not just the places there is also a decent dose of fashion. From 400 dollar Louboutins to MacBooks and ipods you will find it all. Those who love books like 'Sex and the City' and the shopaholic series should try this. So ladies if you are feeling low put down the candy bar and settle down on a couch for some chic-lit. 

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