Monday, 25 April 2011

Swimsuit by James Patterson

I am a fan of James Patterson's 'Women's Murder Club' series. After reading "7th Heaven" and then some chic lit novels I had a craving to read another JP thriller. I wanted to read something different so I opted for Swimsuit. And boy was I pleased. 
The book cover says it's his most shocking yet seductive story and I agree completely!
The minute I started reading I knew it would be difficult to put it down. '
The book depicts a wide range of emotions of the scared parents of the supermodel who is missing, a killer who kills for entertainment and a reporter who gets tangled up in this mess in his search for the truth and a story for his paper of course.
A chill ran down my spine as the killer went on with his work enjoying himself at the expense of the horrifying things that he did.
I wont disclose any details but I was so engrossed that I even carried the book with me to the kitchen so that I could steal a few seconds every now and then while cooking.
Looking forward to reading more books like this.  


  1. It sounds interesting :) m not into thriller but I'll surely try to read this one :)

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